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We do not believe in coincidences. We believe in hard work, training and improvement of products. We focus on development, because we know that we already trusted by thousands of customers. We started quietly, producing classic equipments on a small scale. They hit into the home gyms to help people improve their form and maintain their condition. It was over 30 years ago, but since then we constantly keep an eye on. We systematically increase the range and quality of the offered products, each time taking care of their professionalism and their safety use. We believe that in sport there is no room for compromises. It is the place on reliability and trust.


It is exactly this road has led us to where we are today. Bodybuilding not only became our biggest passion, but the industry, in which we are specialists. From the ground up, we have built a great brand name, where domain is the world-class quality, making us the leading bodybuilding equipment manufacturer in Poland.


Our company from the beginning, has its headquarters in Starachowice. Here also, in swietokrzyskie Voivodeship is located heart of our production. We settled our halls and warehouses, from which we are releasing shipments of equipment for both individual clients and partner shops. Hence, we keep track of online sales and supervise contacts with customers, each time guaranteeing reliability, timeliness and expert advice at every level of the transaction.


Bodybuilding we have been for years, so we know this market as our own pocket. As far as our own products we are 100% sure, so much from the actions of competitors, we can not be proud of. That is why we follow before spectrum savings, that can lead to terrible Your safety and health. Investing in equipment, you can not rely on paltry quality fakes. Indeed, foreign manufacturers offers, especially Chinese, it may seem tempting. In the long run, such an expense does not pay. Only buying the Polish equipment you are provided with solidity and strength. You miss the duties and fees imposed by importers. What's more, you support the development of the Polish economy, giving work countrymen. And - most importantly - you get a fully-fledged, written and long-term warranty. On its basis you will be offered a free warranty and post-warranty consideration. Beacuse we take responsibility for the production offered by us equipment, we have a range of almost all the spare parts for the equipment that you buy from us.


People just starting their adventure with bodybuilding, we dedicated a series of Marbo Home. This is the equipment fully functional, durable, and easy to assembly. It is characterized by the high aesthetics, with elegant upholstery on a thick foam and powder coating.

For the more advanced, but still on homeexercise, was created a series of Marbo Semi-Pro. It guarantees the convenience of exercises, has a strong profile and the maximum strength of the structure. The advantage here are thick knob compression and great species upholstery in two colors.

Builders of flesh and blood, seasoned in battle, we recommend a series of Marbo Professional. Products from the line presented here, have certificate of conformity PN-EN ISO 20957-1: 2014-02, PN-EN 957-2: 2005. This means that we are dealing with advanced equipment, designed for mass use, both in commercial gyms, and public utilities.

What is new is the line of Free Weight,offering all kinds of power machines for free weights. Equipment from this line is designed for professional use.

Marbo Combat series turn products intended for true fighters. There are boxing training mattresses and bags, ideal for boxing, kickboxing, karate or judo.

Marbo Weight series is a range of completely new weights. Here are the weights of the two diameters, perfectly matched to our bars, even better, and a better design.

At the end we invite you to familiarize yourself with our new series Marbo Accessories, which consists of a whole bunch of extras, such as the lock thighs, lat pulldown bars attachements, preacher curl attachements, leg developer attachements, and platforms.

We believe that through such a comprehensive range of products - any bodybuilders complete ideal equipment for themselves,

Marbo-Sport - Professional Fitness Equipment