Marbo-Sport - Professional Fitness Equipment

Made in Poland

Good exercise equipment must be characterized by high quality and good materials used for its implementation. The fashion for cheap Chinese products slowly passes and native production becomes the most valued and desired in all industries and manufacturing.

The company MARBO for more than thirty years gathered experience in the production of the best and most appreciated sports equipment for amateurs and professionals - but its additional advantage is that it can boast that all equipments and accessories produces by MARBO are one hundred percent Polish.

MADE IN POLAND - it sounds proudly and MARBO company has no intention to hide it before anyone. Splendor of domestic production is something which we are not afraid to boast. It's not just a matter of supporting the domestic market, but also enormous facilitation and many profits for our Dear Customers.

What does the inscription MADE IN POLAND give to our customers?

  • Fast access to products without having to order them from abroad
  • Easy and reliable warranty in the country
  • Attractive price being the result of omitting margins, fees and duties
  • The ability to discuss formal issues and doubt in their native language
  • High quality of products made with hands of Polish specialists
  • Innovation and creativity in the design and manufacture

But first of all:

  • Awareness of supporting of domestic market and Polish entrepreneurs

MADE IN POLAND is not just a normal sign that the company MARBO placed on its products - it is a synonym of our professionalism and good quality.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to show off our training equipments for the whole Europe. MARBO Polish products received official European Safety Certificate (number WA-13102014-CB-086) and as the only company in that sector in Poland we can boast of such a document. So, MADE IN POLAND means quality and safety. We don’t need to be ashamed of our products to anyone.

MARBO is a native production, Polish native quality and care about customers’ satisfaction.


Marbo-Sport - Professional Fitness Equipment